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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just call me aqua girl . . .

Lately I've embarked upon a course of self-improvement--losing a few pounds before my clothes won't fit, taking care of some medical stuff, and trying to whip my out-of-shape bod into shape. Rejoining Weight Watchers has helped with the lbs., visits to the dr. are helping the other stuff, but the exercise part has been a struggle. I usually don't like exercise that looks like exercise, the old "do 8 reps. of this, and 10 of that . . . and don't forget to spend X amount of time warming up and cooling down . . ." I don't think it's that I'm lazy; maybe I just get bored with that kind of work-out.

I have a treadmill, "Walk Away the Pounds" videos, and Pilates videos, and I've been using them, but I needed something new. Recently while perusing my local paper, I found a new possibility: Aqua Aerobics.

Our local Park & Rec Dept. offers various classes at the city pool; the schedule is decent, the cost is very reasonable--I've got no excuse not to give it a shot, so I signed up.

The first class was yesterday. It was great! I enjoyed getting into a heated pool for 45 min. (it felt so good on my aching joints--it's been raining and damp here in CT for the better part of a week, and my bones were feeling it). While I could tell I was getting a good work-out, it was also fun. Lots of variety, a good instructor, and a bunch of nice ladies in the class.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's class. It was a nice change from sitting with a computer in my lap for hours, and it's good to crawl out of my cave and see other people once in a while. And who knows? After 8 weeks of this, I just might be more buff ;-).


Blogger April said...


LOL! I'm finally beginning to recover from my cold (This week I learned all about sleeping sitting up like they say people did in medieval times!) and could come check out your blog. Now to go write mine! And add a link to your blog from mine.

3:24 PM  

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