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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I can spell . . . . Really!

Today it was my turn to post on the 2BRead site; I wrote a post about Jane Austen and posted it, figuring I was all set. In all honesty, as I put together the text I'd written off line with the picture of my book cover, I didn't even think to check over my post again. I was more concerned with getting the picture right--after all, the spell-checker in Word is usually quite eager to tell me right away when I've goofed (and if you ever saw the way I type, you'd think I would goof more often than I actually do . . . When my fellow students were taking typing in high school, I was taking advanced biology. Guess which subject would be more useful now?).

At any rate, I didn't notice the glaring typo sprinkled throughout my post. Jane Austin, when it should have said Austen. Argh! That's what I get for letting the computer do the checking (and the automatic corrections)--according to my computer, Austin is the correct spelling.

And it's my own darned fault, because I'm the one who clicked on "add to dictionary" when I used the name Austin previously.

Of all words to mess up!

I should know better. What's the phrase? "Garbage in, garbage out?"

Someone caught the error right away, too. Of course. When I came back to Blogger to fix it, an anonymous reader had already pointed it out. :-(

I'm really not an idiot--I just play one from time to time.

I'm going back into Word now, to change the spelling in the dictionary. Hopefully that will be the worst mistake I make today; one public humiliation per day ought to be the limit.